500L Beer Brewing Machine Fermenter Tank

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Shandong ,China
Brand Name: ZH
Certification: CE
Model Number: ZH-500L
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: wooden
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets
Product Name: 500L Mico Berwery System Capacity: 50L-5000L
Heat Method: Electric/steam/direct Fire Material: SUS304, Red Copper, 316L
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stainless steel brewing equipment


beer processing equipment

mini beer brewing equipment dispenser beer equipment


Product Description

This is 500L Beer Equipment system, mainly composed of 500L Mash tank +500L Lauter tank, +500L Kettle/Whirlpool tank,and 4*500L fermentation tanks.

The heating mode can be selected according to the requirements of customers, including direct fire heating, electric heating and steam heating. The heating mode designed in this scheme is Electric steam heating.


Mashing system

The main part of equipment in this system are made of SUS304, SS316 reaching international standard level.(Zunhuang company also can customized high quality copper equipment according to user place.)

Zunhuang Mash system adopt electric heating, steam heating, gas heating and direct fire heating method on mash heating system.

All the pipes and vales among the whole equipment are connected by sanitary joint for easy to connect, install, uninstall, move and alter.

mash details


Fermentation System

The fermentation tank adopt cooling jacket and two-stage cooling refrigerant control mode at the cone and cylinder. So such design and cooling method to control the flow of the cooling liquid state in fermentation tank by the size of the two-stage cooling refrigerant flow. It will improve heat transfer efficiency and cooling rate, faster cooling, and reduce cooling costs and high economic efficiency equipment commercial operation.


1. Total volume:700L

2. Effective volume:500L

3. Refrigerating area:1.8m2

4. Material:Stainless steel

5. Outer TH:2mm

6. Inner TH:3mm

7. Insulation TH:100mm

8. Top type:Domed top

9. Manhole size:330mm

10. Insulation material:PU

11. CIP pipe Diameter:Φ32mm

12. CIP ball :Rotating spray ball

14.Sewage outlet: Φ38mm

15.Refrigerant import/export:Φ32mm

16.Thermometer blind:Φ8mm

17.Sampling valve:Φ32mm

18. Respiration valve: Φ38mm

20.Pressure gauge:Φ32mm

21.Mechanical and electronic pressure regulating valve:Φ32mm

22.Working pressure: 0.15mpa, experimental pressure: 0.2mpa

l Carbon dioxide charging device is added to store beer

l Single tank single control

It can realize 24-hour real-time online detection of sugar content and 24-hour real-time online detection of turbidity.






Our show room

Being our customer, you can get the following service:

manufacturer commercial industrial beer production plant for building

commercial small brewing MLT WKT HLT microbrewery equipment for sale
1. Projects supporting (Layout of equipment and equipment site);
2. Brewing formula & technology;
3. Equipment installation in your market;
4. Equipment debugging and trial brewing;
5. Equipment maintenance
6. Personal training.




1 malt milling system

malt miller machine

grist case

2 Mash system Mash tank/lauter tank
Boiling tank/whirlpool tank
Hot water tank
Mash/wort/hot water pump Motors
Wort oxygenation device
Operation platform
Plate heat exchanger
3 Fermenting system Beer fermenters
Bright beer tanks
Yeast adding tank
Accessories, such as sample valve, pressure gauge, safety valve and so on
4 Cooling system Ice water tank
Refrigerating unit
Ice water pump
5 CIP cleaning system disinfection tank & alkali tank &cleaning pump etc.
6 Controller Control system, we have PLC automatic and semi-automatic, the elements brand include LG, Siemens and so on.
7 Kegging system kegging system ( keg washer and keg filler machine), the control system brand is Siemens.

america three vessel

Hotel and Pub Beer Brewing Equipment:

This type of beer brewing equipment can brewing different type beer in the market, you can easily find, such as switch beer, wheat beer, dark beer and other special beer with different flavor and color after you adopt different beer brewing process.


Zunhuang company designed and manufactured this type of equipment, generally fermentation period is 12 days as more appropriate configuration, brewing the high quality beer. On the device modeling, it’s different from the conventional beer brewing equipment. Zunhuang equipment focusing on the unity of the ornamental and applicability.

Mash system:
System is mainly composed by mash/lauter tun, boiling pot, whirlpool tank, hops adding equipment etc.The main body of mash tun, mash copper system all using international standards, high-quality 304 stainless steel.The manufacture is using of modern automatic plasma & laser cutting and the protection of pure argon gas welding and other technology. The full mirror polished technology for the inside of the tanks which expose to materials such as wheat mash; external matte polished to ensure customers with high quality and low price, beautiful mash system.



Fermentation system:
1.The inner of the fermentation tank are adopted 304 stainless steel. Use polyurethane to keep warm. The outside scarfskin is according to the customer’s requirement.You can choose stainless steel polishing, carbon steel, spray finishing and so on.

2.Adopted the international standard of fermentation technology, diverse methods to control the temperature. The inner surface of the tank is mirror-polished. The standard is≤0.8um ≤0.6um ≤0.2um. Completely meet the demand of PLC and sterilize system.

3.The cooling jacket can achieve all countries’ standard, supply Miller, arch, corrugated plate and so on. Meet all kinds of demand of cooling technology of coolant and pressure.


Brewery brewing equipment:

Brewery beer equipment general used in industrial beer production line, which for the purpose of maximizing return on investment. Zun huang brewery equipment focus on well performance. General, we require for high quality of beer brewing equipment process, easy to operate and control.


The brewery equipment is to pursuit of aging equipment, low material consumption, energy consumption, high ratio of input-output, for customers seeking to maximize the economic benefits of providing appropriate hardware facilities.


1000L fermentation tanks

beer fermenter (8).jpg
500L fermentation tank



Cooling system:
Cooling system mainly includes Ice water tank, glycol water tank, plate heat exchanger, refrigeration unit, cooling pipelines and vales and control system. Refrigeration unit is the core part, with liquid nitrogen refrigeration compressor, respectively cooling fermentation tanks and bright beer tanks use the tap water.

Control System:
Control system adopt beer PLC controls system and smart controls system, which were research and development by our company. The control system is made of Siemens programmable logic controller, industrial controller and other auto-control components. The heating and cooling parts can be controlled either by auto or manually. The customer can control different technical progresses by manually. In order to achieve different technical objective, clients can program the process according to the demand.
20161205_114400.jpgPLC screen control.jpg
Smart control system

CIP cleaning system
Accordingly the capacity of the equipment, Zunhuang company special manufactured small CIP cleaning trolley. Feature: The CIP sterilizing trolley operates flexible, simple and high efficiency, which can use for various types of small brewer equipment cleaning and disinfection that can disinfect thoroughly and have no dead angle.

mini beer brewing equipment dispenser beer equipment

Certification for zunhuang company:



1. We have Professional personnel about the beer brewery, including, professional winemakers, professional engineers, professional drawers, professional marking specialists and professional installation personnel and service group.

2. We have much experience about the brewery design, manufacture, installation and service. We have sold many products to many countries and more and more companies from many countries will use our products to produce the beer and realize their brewery dream. We are glad to help those who want brew beer to realize their dreams.

3. We have far high effective teams; so that we could answer your questions more quickly, providing you our drawing for you, manufacturing your equipments in less time, saving your time and help you start to produce ahead of time.

4. We have professional service team; if you have any problems and suggestions about our product during the use procedure, please free to ask us and we are glad to solve your problems.

5. We could produce better products with a reasonable price. As we have low manpower resources and low and quality raw materials, so that you can own high quality products with a low price.

Packaging & Shipping

1. Ocean shipment,railway shipment,express delivery.
2. No matter flat pack to save shipping cost,or fill with your merchandise into allassembled displays to ship together,all is up to you.
3. And we have our own department to arange the shipments.we ship worldwide dierctly by see,railway or express.we will provide all documents you need to import.
4. We packed the goods to meet the transport distance, shock, rust and anti-handling requirements damaged before shipping, to ensure the safe transport of goods to reach the buyer designated location before it is shipped._20190214152512

Trade terms/payment:

Payment: T/T, L/C, DA, DP, West Union,

40% deposit and 60% balance before shipment

Delivery time: 20-50 working days, subject to the capacity of the equipment

The terms of the delivery: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF

Moq: 1 Set


1. I want a complete brewing system, from grinding of malt to filtering of beer. Can you do it?

We will provide you with a one-stop turnkey solution. Regarding the requirements of beer equipment, we can help you achieve it, from the crushing of malt to the customers drinking your beer.


2. Can you design products for us?

We have a professional design team that can customize production equipment according to your requirements.


3. How many kinds of beer can your equipment make?

The type of beer will depend on the brewing recipe, and our beer brewing system can brew all types of beer. We can provide you with beer brewing recipes and teach you how to brew beer.


4.Is it easy to breed bacteria inside the tank?

Our tank is a tank with an internal and external polishing accuracy of 0.6μm, which will not breed bacteria, but also pay attention to the usual cleaning and sterilization.


5.How many years can your equipment be used?

Our factory was established 16 years ago, and our first customers are still using our equipment normally, just need to ensure that they are indoors, your water quality is high quality, usually pay attention to sterilization and maintenance.

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